Another successful ARchitect User Forum! Our 11th annual event, held virtually this year, brought together AR practitioners from around the globe to swap ideas, share success stories, and learn about new approaches and trends. 

A special thanks to our amazing customer presenters, who provided both inspiration and concrete, actionable ways to improve AR productivity and results. 

On the ARchitect side, we were excited to share and celebrate milestones with you. Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of growth across our customer base. In particular, use of our Analyst Portal solution has more than doubled since this time last year. More than 1,700 analysts regularly log in to our clients’ portals to view briefing materials, news, product updates and other information. Of course, the ARchitect database continues to expand as well — now including up-to-date and searchable information on 8,000+ analysts and other B2B influencers. 

As we strive to even better serve our users, ARInsights increased headcount by 40% this year – growing, in particular, across our customer experience, engineering and development teams.

And Forum attendees also got a glimpse at where ARInsights is headed, as we shared our product roadmap and elaborated on our vision to be the market-leading influencer relations management platform for B2B companies. As always, we’re grateful to our users for their feedback and ideas, which help shape development.

Check out or revisit the presentations from the Forum below. And we hope you’ll join us next year – we’re already planning for another spectacular event!

Watch the 2021 ARchitect User Forum Recordings: 

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Leveraging ARchitect for Reporting Dashboards

Producing reports on AR metrics and results can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when requests come at a moment’s notice. With the right technology, though, you can expedite and automate the process. Learn how SugarCRM uses ARchitect to easily and rapidly create reports on share of voice, analyst interactions, report inclusions, trends in analyst sentiment and more.

Sarita Kincaid is senior director of AR at SugarCRM. You can reach her on LinkedIn here.

How SAP Uses Analyst Portal to Reach More Analysts

With its broad solution and technology portfolio, SAP needs to keep a large, varied analyst audience up-to-date. To reach new analysts, scale its outreach and maximize its impact, the AR team turned to the ARchitect Analyst Portal to create a digital, “self-service” destination for analysts. Learn SAP’s best practices for driving and monitoring engagement on the portal.

Caitlin Fischer and Kathy Lee are AR managers at SAP. You can reach Caitlin on LinkedIn here and Kathy on LinkedIn here.

What’s New with ARchitect

We fit a lot of updates and enhancements into 2021, helping AR pros improve workflows and drive productivity. Hear all about them — from expansions to the ARchitect database (including streamlined influencer profile categorization), to more analyst rankings, to an online Knowledge Base, to the new Outlook add-in, and much more!

Crystal Golightly is VP of customer experience and operations at ARInsights. Andy McLandrich is principal software engineer at ARInsights. You can reach Crystal on LinkedIn here and Andy on LinkedIn here.

Correlating Analyst Projects with Outcomes

AR professionals often tackle a variety of strategic projects. At Siemens Digital Industries, the AR team maintains central visibility into all the moving pieces of AR efforts, while also tracking important metrics. Learn how they use ARchitect to monitor, analyze and report on research results, to help define success and make it repeatable.

Jon Heidorn is head of AR at Siemens Digital Industries, and Shaun Ennis is senior director of AR at Siemens Digital Industries Software. You can reach Jon on LinkedIn here and Shaun on LinkedIn here.

How ServicePlus Extends the Capabilities of our AR Team

Bandwidth is a challenge for AR teams across the board. And with a small AR team and a huge list of to-do’s, Teradata found it needed some operational support. Hear how the company leverages ARInsights ServicePlus to scale its analyst outreach, measure results, increase AR’s visibility in the organization and free up team resources for strategic priorities.

Kim Dossey is senior director of global analyst relations at Teradata. You can reach Kim on LinkedIn here.

How to Build Meaningful Peer-to-Peer Relationships in a Video Conferencing World

With a rapidly expanding business, Zoom faces the need to increase its analyst outreach. Learn how its AR team uses ARchitect to better communicate with a wide variety of analysts, track outreach, and measure success. Also hear Zoom’s best practices for high-impact video communications in today’s digital world.

Katie Webb is APAC analyst relations manager at Zoom. You can reach her on LinkedIn here.