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Build Analyst Relations with ARchitect

ARchitect helps Analyst Relations professionals manage their workflow from a single application. Learn how our market-leading software can help you:


Our continuously updated database of 7663* analysts from 1072* different firms lets you develop target lists of analysts your company should focus on. *real-time info


Our database of analyst research, media quotes, blogs and tweets helps you monitor what the analysts are saying about your company on a daily basis.


Our software empowers you to plan your AR strategy and execute it flawlessly by providing a common platform for AR teams.


ARchitect’s user-friendly analytical features create metrics to help you communicate your AR program’s results.

Event Management features of ARchitect take the stress out of organizing analyst events.  By using ARchitect, we reduced on-site staffing by several person-days in just one event, avoided duplicate bookings and created personalized agendas for every analyst and executive well before the event.

Ray Upton | VP, Analyst Relations

ARchitect is hands-down the most reliable analyst relationship management solution. I am delighted to have such a powerful and feature-rich tool to run my analyst relations program.

Arthur Bailey 

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