Analyst event planning made easy

Inviting analysts and other influencers to an analyst or advisor day, user conference or company event? Easily plan, schedule and organize meetings with ARchitect Event Manager.

Balancing schedules?
You got this!

When it comes to large company events, coordinating meetings between analysts and executives — and managing all their agendas — is no small task. Stay organized, save time and eliminate scheduling headaches when you use Event Manager.


“We didn’t end up needing a separate scheduling tool and made very efficient use of the meeting space we had. We had the most well-planned meetings ever and our most successful big conference in years. All in all, a great success — thanks, in no small part, to ARInsights.”

Book meetings with analysts and other
B2B influencers

Invite analysts, influencers and executives to connect at your event, directly from ARchitect’s Event Manager. See meeting responses and attendance, all in one place.

Avoid conflicts

The intuitive calendar view lets you quickly visualize availability, so there are no time and location conflicts. The tool also handles scheduling rooms that can host multiple meetings at the same time.

Generate meeting materials

Be prepared! It’s easy to create information-rich briefing books, so your execs are ready for each of their meetings with different influencers. You can also create itineraries for each influencer and executive — with their meeting start times, end times, locations, participants, etc.

View schedules instantly

Use the collaborative dashboard to easily access analyst and executive schedules and location assignments. Event Manager reporting identifies any conflicts and gaps, so you can react quickly and adapt easily. 


Simplify scheduling:
Picking the perfect meeting time

With the Event Manager Scheduling Assistant feature, you can instantly see who’s booked, when and where. Take advantage of multi-slot location support (for meeting spaces that can host more than one meeting at once), and get alerted of meeting conflicts. 

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