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We continually add to our Tools & Downloads to make your work life easier. Take advantage of the following free tools, add-ons and integrations, so you can work faster and better, and
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ARchitect Notifications for Slack

Get automatic notifications, directly within Slack, about key influencer updates and activity to keep your team on the same page and help drive action.

ARchitect Interactions for Google Workspace

Our Google add-on connects ARchitect to your Gmail inbox and Google calendar, so you can easily work across systems.

ARchitect Interactions for Outlook

Our Outlook add-in connects ARchitect to your inbox and calendar, so you can easily work across systems.

ARInsights Web Capture Add-On

Easily capture and tag relevant web content and webpages in Chrome. You can automatically pull them into your ARchitect site as articles for future reference and reporting needs.

ARInsights Smart Email Capture

When you BCC the ARchitect team on emails to analysts and other influencers, your outreach is automatically captured as an interaction within ARchitect, adding to your history with the influencer.

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