Capture your email history with influencers

Use Smart Email Capture to automatically log your emails to analysts and other influencers as “interactions” within ARchitect — where you can view the full relationship history.

More visibility, less work

Keep track of emails you’ve sent to relevant influencers: Did they get your latest newsletter? Were they invited to your analyst day? Do you owe them case studies? If  you’re not using our Outlook or Google add-ins, use Smart Email Capture to log your messages as interactions in ARchitect’s system — saving you extra work. 

By using Smart Email Capture in conjunction with other core ARchitect features, you can see which team members contacted which analysts, so there’s no duplication. Best of all, you have instant visibility into all types of interactions — emails, as well as briefings, inquiries, 1-on-1s, etc. — with each relevant influencer, so you can personalize outreach and move relationships forward.

With Smart Email Capture, it’s easy to turn your emails into ARchitect interactions. Just CC, BCC or forward emails to architect @; this will capture the title, description, date and time.