Company Information

Learn about ARInsights and our core values, and meet our executives and partners.

What we do

Founded in 2004 and backed by Polaris Growth Fund, ARInsights provides the market-leading SaaS platform and expert services for managing analyst relations (AR) and B2B influencer relations programs.

Our flagship solution, ARchitect — along with multiple complementary products and consulting services — enable hundreds of leading companies to increase awareness and enhance knowledge-sharing with all the industry analysts and other key influencers who matter to their businesses. AR professionals across the world rely on ARInsights to measurably increase efficiency and productivity every day.

What makes us different


ARchitect and our complementary products were designed by, and built for, AR professionals to streamline — and easily fit into — their daily workflows. The up-to-date data we deliver on analysts and other influencers, the content we surface and the software functionality we provide are all designed to respond flexibly to the unique needs and responsibilities of today’s busy AR professionals.


We understand that AR programs come in all sizes. Our clients include companies with some of the largest AR programs in the world; mid-sized, multi-person programs; small and single-person programs; and agencies that provide AR consulting services. Simply put, our platform is scalable, flexible and extensible. And we’ll help you customize it to meet your organization’s needs.


There is no “red tape” at ARInsights that can bog you or us down. We respond quickly to client requests and collaborate with you to apply best practices and find solutions to your challenges. We listen carefully, are on top of industry trends, and rapidly innovate to address new demands in your role and program. In fact, many of our software upgrades and enhancements originate from requests and ideas from our clients. If you have a need or suggestion, we’re all ears! Your AR success is our #1 priority.

Expert services

We offer full AR services that complement the ARchitect platform, so we can meet your unique AR and influencer relations needs: spanning strategy, execution, operational services, peer reviews management and more.

‘ARchitect’ your AR strategy

Discover how ARchitect and our services help you manage your AR program and build valuable analyst and influencer relationships.