Create and send emails that ‘wow’

Engage analysts and other influencers with your emails, newsletters, invitations and more. Use ARchitect’s Emailer to build, send and track messages that your recipients are sure to enjoy.

Emailing influencers?
We’ve got everything you need.

The ARchitect platform has comprehensive functionality for your email campaigns. Design and format your messages, select recipients (or pre-saved groups) from the database, click to preview and send, and monitor engagement. ARchitect also automatically adds each email to the recipient’s interaction history.


No more searching for email addresses
— they’re already built in.

ARchitect maintains up-to-date contact information on the analysts and other influencers you’re reaching, and will send your messages to the addresses on file. It will also automatically maintain your opt-out list and suppress emails to those individuals. 


“ARchitect has helped me create a custom newsletter to reach a wider audience. I’m able to see what analysts are interested in, which parts they’re spending time on, which links they’re clicking and more.”

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Use preloaded email templates or create your own

Our customizable, formatted templates for newsletters, event invites and product updates give you inspiration and are designed to drive engagement.

Design emails easily, with the drag-and-drop editor

It’s easy to add content blocks, images, videos and attachments to enhance your emails.

Easily manage recipients

Unlike other email marketing tools, ARchitect already has all your analyst contacts on file, and you can add and include other influencers as well. You can build groups (by coverage area, firm, etc.) and hit send in a matter of seconds. If a recipient is in multiple groups, we do the de-duping for you.

Personalize your messages

Show your analysts and influencers you know them. You can include merge fields within emails, so messages display each recipient’s name, firm, etc.

Write or edit with AI

Use the AI Assistant to kickstart content generation or refine your messages. You can ask it to draft an invitation, proof your newsletter, condense a pitch, translate content and much more.

Preview campaigns

View a test message prior to sending, so you know your messages are “ready for prime time.”

Gain insights with reporting

Monitor send, open rates, click rates and more with ARchitect reporting, so you can see what your audience receives and engages with.

Keep track of who’s been sent what

For each email recipient, you can opt to automatically log your emails as interactions in ARchitect — so you and your team stay up-to-date on your history with that person.

Improve deliverability

We can work with your team to set up a DMARC
(Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance) policy. This standard process protects email senders and recipients from spam and authenticates your messages.

More ARchitect features

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