Track upcoming research and events

Plan your analyst engagement strategies with confidence. Stay on top of who’s writing what and when — and track analyst firms’ upcoming conferences, webinars and analyst attendees — with ARchitect’s Research & Event Tracking.

Scouring multiple firms’ websites?
Who has time?!

Analyst firms report on their upcoming research and events at different times and in different formats. Plus, with ever-moving research publication dates, tracking everything manually can be a pain. But with our searchable Research & Event Tracking features, finding upcoming, relevant opportunities — and planning for them — is quick and easy. Save yourself the legwork, so you can get your engagement strategies off and running. 


See what’s coming up with the Firm Research Calendar

It’s easy to search for planned research by firm, research type, author(s), coverage area and keyword, and see target publication dates as well. The Firm Research calendar synthesizes this information from 6 research firms currently, including Gartner, Forrester and IDC.

Influence coverage

When you know about relevant research in advance, you can give yourself the best shot at securing company and customer inclusions, influencing the report’s direction, and — for evaluations — optimizing your company’s positioning. So, rather than spend your time looking for future reports, you can spend your time informing them.

Build better relationships

Get insight into who’ll be covering key topics in your market, so you’ll know what relationships to foster. You can use ARchitect to pull contact information for analysts and influencers, email them directly, and manage relationships.

Turn planned research into projects

See that upcoming evaluation, market overview or trend report? Once you’ve identified upcoming research to focus on, you can convert it into a project in ARchitect, so you can track goals, activities (such as completing questionnaires and providing references) and results.

Keep track of upcoming events with Firm Events

We track event details from 8 leading firms currently, including Gartner, Forrester and IDC — displaying the event name, type (conference or webinar), date(s), location, topics covered and participating analysts — so you don’t have to spend time searching the web.

Plan your face-to-face time

Firm Events shows you the analyst attendees and presenters at upcoming events, so you can reach out for 1-on-1s and grab time with key contacts.

Strengthen relationships

Build deeper analyst relationships by being “in the know.” Use information from Firm Events to reference an analyst’s upcoming or recent presentations during email outreach or your next conversation. Also, plan who you’ll engage on-site.

Easily register for relevant events

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