Greatly extend your AR reach

The ARchitect Analyst Portal is a digital one-stop shop for your analysts and other influencers. Quickly and easily post relevant content, and reach influencers everywhere.

No briefing? No problem

You can’t ever do as many briefings as you’d like. So enabling more analysts to access your company’s materials, on demand, is a highly cost-effective way to scale your program.


Help your analysts help themselves

The Analyst Portal is a valuable digital destination, where analysts can quickly and securely access useful, curated content about your business and solutions, and you can track the consumption.


“The Analyst Portal helps IBM build relationships with a bigger segment of the analyst community — in a very efficient and scalable manner.”

With its Portal, IBM reaches “10 times the number of analysts” it could otherwise communicate with.

Reach more influencers

Instantly reach a wider universe of relevant analysts and other influencers: both those you don’t frequently talk to, as well as your core contacts.


Provide timely resources

Analysts can stay up-to-date on your company’s latest-and-greatest information, tailored to their interests and coverage areas, and receive automatic email updates when new, relevant content gets posted.

Reduce email

Analysts can turn to your portal for access to briefing decks and other important updates. And when they’re seeking resources to support their research, they can tap the portal too.

Monitor activity and engagement

See which analysts and firms are engaging with your portal content — including when and how often — to gauge effectiveness.


“The Analyst Portal has been really successful and helps us use technology to reuse content multiple times over — which also really helps us get our point of view out there with the analyst community.” VIEW VIDEO


Branded for your business

Your portal reflects your corporate branding.

Easy for analysts to use

Navigating the portal and finding content is intuitive and familiar to analysts.

By invitation only

AR managers decide who has portal access — inviting analysts and other influencers, and also approving their access requests.

Access control

Among invited analysts, you can select which ones have access to which content.


Analysts and influencers are authenticated based on their information in the ARchitect database and a secure password.

Single sign-on

Analysts have the convenience to access multiple vendor Analyst Portals via single sign-on, enhancing your company’s visibility. Multiple top analyst firms even have SSO enabled through their corporate networks.

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