Manage your influencer relationships

Coordinate, track and build on your relationships with analysts and other key influencers. With ARchitect’s Relationship Manager, you can do it all easily and efficiently.

Get more time for what matters most —
building better relationships

Say goodbye to updating “monster spreadsheets.” When it comes to tracking and managing influencer relationships, ARchitect saves you time and gives you instant visibility into where things stand — so next steps are clear, and your whole team is in-the-know. 


“I have the opportunity to lead a pretty large analyst relations team. We all need to be in sync with each other and have visibility into ongoing interactions, no matter who’s handling them. ARchitect is a great tool for that.

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Keep track of key activity

Use Relationship Manager to capture your interaction history with analysts and other influencers, serving as the “single source of truth” for your organization. ARchitect can turn calendar invitations or emails into interactions in the system (via our Outlook and Google connectors, and Smart Email Capture), track email newsletters by recipients, assign and follow up on important tasks, and more.

Capture analyst insights

When an analyst gives your business valuable feedback (about go-to-market strategies, product development, messaging, etc.), you want to capture that insight — so it’s easy to return to it, share it, execute on it, and report on it. We make it easy to log meaningful feedback and intelligence, associate insights with interactions, report on trends and sentiment, more.

Eliminate information bottlenecks

No need to search through emails, ask (or guess) about colleagues’ meetings and interactions, or duplicate efforts among the team. Make sure everyone is on the same page and collaborating, with central visibility into important details and history, so you can take the next step to advance your influencer relationships.

Build a comprehensive corporate memory

When AR pros move to new companies and roles — or even if they’re out sick — their knowledge doesn’t leave with them. ARchitect’s Relationship Manager provides continuity and history, so current teammates and future colleagues can jump in without missing a beat.

One size doesn’t fit all

You can even customize ARchitect’s interaction management functionality to fit your needs, using custom fields to track unique information that’s important and valuable to your company and AR program.

Organize work with projects

Combining Relationship Manager functionality with Project Manager, your team can easily organize and connect interactions to projects to improve efficiency and collaboration. Build out projects that include timelines, deliverables, participants and more, so everyone knows what to do and when. 

Your interaction histories, at a glance

Immediately access your history with a given influencer, within their profile in ARchitect. These records can include:

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