Streamline your workflows

Our Outlook add-in is a free download that connects ARchitect to your inbox and calendar. With ARchitect Interactions for Outlook, you can work easily across systems to increase efficiency.

Save time; no switching between systems

It’s important to capture all your analyst and influencer activity… but who wants to do it twice? With our add-in, and without leaving the Outlook environment, you can turn email and calendar invitations directly into interactions in ARchitect and much more. See what’s included in our newest Outlook add-in (as well as in the first-generation one we support, for those using an earlier version of Outlook) and how you can work seamlessly between ARchitect and Outlook. 

ARchitect Interactions for Outlook (Add-In for Outlook) 

ARInsights’ ARchitect Interactions for Outlook, the newest version of our add-in for Outlook, makes planning and tracking analyst interactions quick and easy. Built for users of Outlook 2019 and newer, including Outlook for Mac, this add-in enables you to: 

ARchitect Add-In for Outlook ‘10, ‘13, & ‘16 on Windows

For those using an earlier version of Outlook, our first-generation add-in is for users of Outlook 2010, 2013 and 2016 on Windows desktops. Increase analyst relations efficiency and optimize productivity, with the ability to do the following while working in Outlook: