Better briefings — thanks to better, easier prep

Use ARchitect to create custom, branded briefing books for your executives, so they’re ready to connect with analysts and other influencers.

Doing your “homework” for analyst meetings has never been simpler.

Successful meetings require preparation. But gathering key details about analysts and influencers — from bios to recent research to their history with your company, and more — takes up valuable time. Let ARchitect do the work for you, generating formatted briefing books with need-to-know details, so your meetings deliver value to all participants.


“Last month, I created a briefing book in ARchitect. What normally took 2 hours took me 10 minutes… and 9 minutes of that time was waiting on the printer.”
AR Director, Capgemini

Support your spokespeople

Put valuable, relevant and timely information at their fingertips — so conversations with influencers run smoothly, and your business is positioned in the best light.

Get everyone on the same page (literally!)

Briefings often involve multiple spokespeople. Your briefing book will keep them aligned on meeting goals, flow, who’s presenting what, and more.

Prepare for a single meeting or “analyst day”

Whether you’re briefing one analyst or influencer, or meeting with many at an event, it’s quick and easy to generate the prep materials you need.

Deepen influencer relationships

When execs can reference an influencer’s recent feedback, reports or interactions with your company (thanks to your briefing book), it shows you’re committed to advancing the relationship.

Productivity gains with AR software

Learn how this AR pro uses ARchitect to reduce time spent on briefing books, coverage tracking, reporting and more by an estimated 89%.

Briefing books can be:

Easily include:

Analyst & influencer bios

Recent research

Your interaction history

Previous analyst feedback & perception data

Research firm information

Meeting agenda

Meeting goals

And more

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