Don't miss a beat

ARchitect Premium Content lets you stay on top of what analysts and other influencers are saying, so you and your business are in-the-know.

Did you hear that?
Of course you did!

Analysts and influencers are talking about your company, competitors and industry… across a variety of channels. Premium Content pulls together all the mentions you care about, across sources, in a single location – saving you a lot of manual work and finding inclusions you could easily miss.

Track timely mentions in:

Analyst Research

Pulling in daily feeds from 35+ leading firms, including Gartner, IDC and Forrester


Tracking hundreds of blogs from analyst firms and other leading industry influencers


Capturing analyst and influencer quotes and mentions in 2 million+ news and social media outlets


Surfacing relevant mentions in posts, reposts, articles and newsletters by thousands of analysts and influencers

Peer Reviews

Pulling in customer review data from G2 and PeerSpot, including review titles, summaries, and pros and cons


“ARchitect Premium Content provides an automated, easy and timely way to stay on top of what your key analysts are saying and what your competitors are doing.” READ THE Q&A


"By measuring and reporting on share of voice with ARchitect, we can see what's working, refine AR strategies and continue to propel our program forward. Plus, being able to generate these reports quickly frees up our AR team to focuse on other strategic, value-add activities." READ THE CASE STUDY

Spot and share coverage

Search the Premium Content database, and get automatic in-app, email and Slack alerts when your company and relevant keywords are mentioned by analysts and other influencers, and in customer reviews. Be the hero who circulates updates when they’re “hot off the press.”

Monitor intel

Use Premium Content to stay on top of the competitive landscape and important industry developments.

React quicker

Turn insights into action. Alert your executives, sales team, product management and others about what analysts and influencers are saying – and how to leverage it.

Track customer sentiment

Access customer review (aka peer review) data from both G2 and PeerSpot all in one place, so you can identify customer references, monitor what’s being said about your products and manage review campaigns from start-to-finish.

Power reports

Premium Content powers high-impact and visual “Share of Voice” and other coverage reports, along with the ability to report on customer reviews.

Capture and tag content

Use our Premium Content Web capture add-on to flag, capture and store web content and mentions you find on your own that are valuable for you to track.

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