January 19, 2023 — Tracking analyst and influencer mentions of your business, competitors and industry is an important component of an effective influencer and analyst relations (AR) program. Staying on top of these mentions enables your team to stay abreast of important developments; assess AR progress, influence and traction; and refine strategies as needed. 

WIth ARInsights Premium Content, our most popular ARchitect add-on product (with 3 out of 4 ARchitect customers subscribed), you can track analyst and influencer content across research, blogs, Tweets, and news media… and now more! Given the heavy engagement from analysts and influencers on LinkedIn, and at the suggestion of many of our clients, we have new and exciting Premium Content updates including the addition of LinkedIn activity to our database and tracking of over 2.5M online sources (including podcasts and YouTube) for analyst/influencer quotes or mentions! 

Launch of LinkedIn as a New Content Source

With more than 875 million LinkedIn users in 2022 and over 77% of our ARchitect influencer database owning a LinkedIn account, we’ve added LinkedIn as an important new source to Premium Content. While LinkedIn doesn’t permit the re-publishing of LinkedIn user content, our system analyzes their content for mentions of thousands of coverage terms (i.e. companies, topics, keywords) that are important to our customers and provides that metadata in the Premium Content portal along with direct links to the original content on LinkedIn.

To use this new feature and monitor relevant LinkedIn influencer activity – across posts, reposts and articles – go to your Premium Content summary or the search pages in the Content menu item. 

On the summary page, you will now see the addition of the LinkedIn logo to the bird’s-eye view of the mentions/coverages you’re tracking for.

In addition, on the search page, there is now an option to select “LinkedIn” from the Types list across the top. Clicking this type and filtering for your analysts/influencers or coverage tags will show results across relevant LinkedIn activities. 

With this enhancement, we are capturing the metadata from posts, reposts and articles by all analysts within the ARchitect global database. We also track LinkedIn content from all the non-analyst influencers we’re maintaining for customers under our Customer Influencer offering. You can click on the snapshot or link to view the original content on the LinkedIn site in another tab. 

When searching in Premium Content, if you are interested specifically in LinkedIn articles, you can use the prefix “Article:” in the search box to filter for those content items only. The same applies for “Post:” and “Repost:”.

Additional Premium Content Enhancements

The addition of LinkedIn metadata joins an ever-expanding list of Premium Content sources — including new sources across media outlets and analyst research feeds. 

We used to only track news sources for quotes or mentions of analysts and other influencers. Now, we track and report on mentions in the media across more than 2.5 million sources, including podcasts and video sites like YouTube! The full list of categories includes:

  • Online & Print News (100,000+ sources) — e.g., Bloomberg, Barron’s, CNBC, The Motley Fool, New York Times
  • Blog (2M+ sources) — e.g., WordPress, Blogger, Medium, TypePad, LiveJournal
  • Social Video (7,000+ sources) — e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, MSN Video,
  • Social Photo (40,000+ sources), e.g. Flickr, SmugMug
  • Podcast (~1,000 sources), e.g. BBC, NPR, Engadget 
  • Forum (~3,000 sources), e.g. MacRumors, ZetaBoards, ProBoards
  • Review (~1,000 sources), e.g. Glassdoor
  • Wiki (~200 sources), e.g. MediaWiki, Wikipedia, Wikibooks
  • Comment (400,000+ sources), e.g. WordPress, Mediaite, The Hill, NYT blogs
  • Classified (~2,500 sources), e.g. Craigslist, Gumtree, Kijiji

For more information on our Quote content type and how to use these new sources, check out this customer support article

Over the course of 2022, we also added several new analyst research firm feeds to Premium Content from:

For an always up-to-date list of all the research firm feeds (and firm research calendars) we integrate with, check out this customer support article.

With these updates and what’s yet to come, 2023 is going to be a great year of ARchitect enhancements! If you have any questions about how to use the LinkedIn content source or any of these product updates, feel free to reach out at support@arinsights.com. And if you’d like a demo of Premium Content, please contact our team at sales@arinsights.com.