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ARchitect Database

At the core of the ARchitect application is the analyst database, content-rich and dynamic, it goes well beyond basic contact data. All the information is pre-populated and ready for easy access when you receive your seat license.

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ARchitect Relationship Manager

The ARchitect Relationship Manager provides the extensive functionality to organize, plan, coordinate, track and leverage your analyst relationships. All functionality relates back to the day-to-day tasks, objectives and responsibilities unique to the AR industry.

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ARchitect Emailer

Reach out without leaving the application. The built in emailer allows you to create, send and track emails to technology industry analysts.

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ARchitect Mobile Site

Designed for the busy AR professionals and management who are frequently away from their desks, the mobile site now puts the entire database of over 7000 active industry analysts on your phone.

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ARchitect Reporting

The most significant benefit of any system is not just what data can be entered but the power of the information that can be extracted from the system. The reporting capabilities of ARchitect are robust.

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ARchitect Analyst Grouping

Daily access to over 7,000 analysts’ profiles isn’t a necessity for most AR professionals. To help harness the power of the database, ARchitect functionality provides each user with the ability to personalize analyst groups.

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ARchitect Briefing Book

Not only does the Architect system produce a standard briefing book from your selections from the analyst database, but it can be set up to output briefing data to your custom Word document format.

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What about IT?

ARchitect is a cloud-based platform. All of ARchitect’s features are accessible through any modern browser. The mobile app and other plugins provide a complete platform to accomplish your tasks in all situations. Getting started with ARchitect is very simple and does not require any IT support.

ARInsights partners with the leading cloud technology providers to guarantee the privacy and safety of your data in ARchitect. Your data will always be available and secure.

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