Flag and store key online mentions

With our Web Capture Add-On, it’s easy to capture and tag web content and webpages, saving them as articles within your ARchitect site.

Keep track of what’s being said

When you spot important mentions — of your company, market trends, competitors, etc. — that are valuable for your AR team and business to track (and not otherwise picked up in ARchitect), you can bring them into our system. This includes content in non-traditional news sources, such as company blogs, podcasts and more.

Our ARchitect Premium Content offering tracks relevant mentions by analysts and other influencers, across their research, blog posts, quotes in the media and social media. Use the Web Capture Add-On to bring in additional content — for an even more comprehensive view of what’s being said, and to help you track metrics and generate valuable reports.

Use the Web Capture Add-On to: