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Use ARchitect’s analytics functionality to assess your traction with key analysts and other B2B influencers — and propel your program forward.

Metrics reporting —
just a few clicks away!

It can be difficult for analyst relations pros to balance reporting on activities with actually executing on them. Whether you’re generating regular reports on key metrics or responding to urgent requests, crunching data and identifying patterns takes time. Let ARchitect do the work for you — providing at-a-glance, actionable insights to help you “move the needle.”


“I use the reports as the basis for conversations with our leadership team. Importantly, I’m able to see what’s working – correlating activities with outcomes.” READ THE CASE STUDY


“Having access to all this data at our fingertips empowers us to enhance our AR program and results.” READ THE CASE STUDY

Log in, and immediately monitor progress

There’s no question about where activities stand. With ARchitect’s powerful and intuitive dashboard, you can instantly track the status of analyst and other influencer relationships, projects and tasks across your team, upcoming research and events, and more. 

“Slice and dice” your data

Easily drill down into grid reports for influencers, interactions, content and projects, and filter to see information for different time periods at many different levels (e.g., firm, influencer, influencer group, coverage, coverage group, geography and much more).

Quickly generate valuable, visual reports

Generate out-of-the-box charts to visualize important analyst/influencer trends and activities — as well as results — and analyze findings. You can also report on analyst coverage and other content across any number of key topics relevant to your business. It’s easy to save your reports, so the next time you want to run them, they’re ready to go.

Measure what analysts think

You can track influencers’ perception of your business and/or product lines, and how that’s changed over time, as another way to assess traction. Combine ARchitect’s analytics with our project management functionality to manage and follow up on key insights from influencers.

Share your successes

Quarterly business reviews just got easier. ARchitect’s easy-to-download reports and charts are perfect for sharing with executives and including in presentations. Our ServicePlus team can also assist with ongoing reporting and data visualizations to help highlight AR results and contributions.  

Tap into competitive intel

With “Share of Voice” reporting on Premium Content data, you can quickly and easily see how your mentions by analysts and other influencers, across a number channels, stack up against competitors’, for a better understanding of traction and positioning. 

Rapidly generate reports and conduct analysis on:

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