Custom Influencers

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Manage relationships with key influencers and
ensure information is up-to-date

ARInsights’ Custom Influencers program is a unique service for researching and tracking important non-analyst influencers. It’s available to customers who want to use ARchitect to manage relationships with influencers who aren’t traditional analysts but are still important to the business. With this service, we’ll research, upload and maintain information on each member of this critical audience.

Custom Influencers can be combined with our other offerings too. For example, not only can you log and report on interactions with your custom influencers in ARchitect, you can also track the content they share using Premium Content. Get alerted to what they post on their blogs and Twitter, and view their quotes and mentions in the media. In addition, with the Analyst Portal, you can give custom influencers secure access to content curated specifically for them, while tracking engagement.

Research Influencer

Pull contact and profile data from websites & other sources
Enhance & validate data with LinkedIn
Include social handles & blog RSS

Upload Information

Add profile to ARchitect as site-private if not yet in the system
De-dupe and merge profile information if contact already exist

Maintain Profile

Review profile for accuracy every 90 days
Update profile with any changes

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