Track analyst opinions from every avenue

Every analyst relations program is challenged with measuring the effectiveness of its efforts.  One key component of the effectiveness measure is what analysts are saying about your company and your company’s competitors.  Industry analysts are expressing their opinions, not just through subscription research, but they are talking about you in blogs, tweets and they are being quoted in online and print media.  ARchitect now stores every analyst tweet, blog, media quote and subscription research metadata.  You can search the database for analyst mentions of your company, your company’s competitors and any keyword of your choice in any of these media outlets…

Analyst research

The database is updated with daily feeds from 30 leading firms, including Gartner, IDC and Forrester

Analyst Quotes

Analyst Quotes from over 55,000 media outlets are captured with links to source articles

Analyst Tweets

ARchitect saves tweets from over 5000 analysts with significant followers and can be queried for only relevant tweets

Analyst Blogs

Over 2000 analyst blogs from 100 different firms are tracked

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