July 19, 2023 — We are excited to announce our newest Premium Content data type — customer reviews, sourced from G2 and PeerSpot! You can now use ARchitect Premium Content to search for, monitor and get notifications on customer reviews (also called “peer reviews” and “user reviews”). Check out the press release we issued today on the news here.

As the scope of analyst relations (AR) expands and evolves, AR teams report that peer review sites are becoming increasingly important to their programs. These sites have become an important source of direct customer feedback for analysts and other B2B influencers doing technology product research. The sites are also producing Voice of the Customer (VoC)  research themselves, and both AR and marketing pros use them to identify inquiry topics, track the competitive landscape, counter negative evaluations with VoC data and more. In fact, the titles and abstracts for all of G2’s quarterly research reports are now also pulled into ARchitect Premium Content. According to data from the Institute of Influencer & Analyst Relations (IIAR>), more than half (53%) of AR pros manage peer review sites (often in conjunction with other departments). We’re pleased to support their efforts with our new functionality!

Now, with G2 and PeerSpot review data pulled into a single destination within Premium Content, AR pros can get a consolidated view of potential references (such as for vendor evaluations) and track customer sentiment, while tapping into peer review sites’ many benefits for their programs. And for AR pros who wear multiple hats (like Alistair Agnew at Amelia, who also leads customer advocacy), the data can help drive review campaigns and advocacy initiatives as well. 

What’s an influencer?

As the leading influencer management platform, ARInsights knows that influence comes from many places. Analysts and other B2B influencers (such as consultants, bloggers and thought-leaders) exert significant influence on the buying cycle. And customers — both brand advocates and detractors — do too, as  84% of software buyers use peer review sites when making a purchase decision. So, providing access to “customer influencer” data — alongside data from the other influencers we track — is a natural fit for ARInsights, and one that aligns with AR’s expanding role. Customer marketing, success and advocacy professionals now benefit from our platform more too, and can use the review information to better identify advocates, respond to negative reviews, propel customer advocacy initiatives and more. 

Using the integration

With customer reviews data now in Premium Content, you can:

  • Search for, monitor and get notified (via email, Slack and in-app) about reviews from your or your key competitors’ customers on G2 and PeerSpot
  • Filter on ratings to identify customers as candidates for references
  • Click to view each review’s title, summary, customer “likes and dislikes” (G2), and technology “pros and cons” (PeerSpot), as well as the first technology “use case” from PeerSpot
  • Use shortcuts to go directly to the content on the review sites 
  • Create projects to better manage review and other customer advocacy campaigns
  • Create reports to surface out customer sentiment and trends

To use this new feature, first go to either the Premium Content summary or search pages in the Content menu item. 

On the summary page, you will see a new icon indicating Reviews and the review counts for that coverage area. 

Also, on the search page, you can now select “Reviews” as a filter option for type across the top. Clicking this type and entering your desired coverage areas will generate results of relevant reviews.

Presently, at launch, ARInsights is including product reviews in Premium Content for all of our customers’ products and for many other companies. Please contact our support team to request reviews for any other companies’ products (e.g. competitors) that you’re not seeing. And be sure to ask us to help you configure “share of voice” reporting for all this new review data as well!

Have questions? Looking to get started? Reach out to our support team at support@arinsights.com

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