Analyst relations (AR) is a fulfilling career and strategic function, touching nearly all parts of the organization. Practitioners get and stay in the field for the love of AR… but a competitive salary doesn’t hurt too, and often reflects the value of AR to the organization. And as AR pros change jobs and mature in their roles, it’s helpful to be aware of salary data and trends.

To that end, we’re pleased, once again, to sponsor the Institute of Influencer & Analyst Relations (IIAR>)’s Analyst Relations Salary Survey. Conducted by CB Resourcing, the 2023 edition is chock full of meaty data, including compensation trends across regions. There’s also great “day-in-the-life” data: including typical AR responsibilities, work-from-anywhere options and average team sizes.

We’re excited to share the below infographic with you, highlighting important findings. If you’re an IIAR> member, you can access even more: the full survey results and a webinar with additional details and context.