One measure of the strategic importance of AR (and the specialized skill set it requires) is AR compensation. 

Given the weighty role analysts play in impacting purchase decisions, companies want talented, experienced professionals at the helm of their AR programs. Over the last decade, as AR has become more integral to corporate marketing, communications and strategy, AR salaries have increased significantly too – reflecting the value that AR pros bring to the table.

To help assess compensation trends, ARInsights sponsored the 2021 Analyst Relations Salary Survey, a global study from the Institute of Influencer & Analyst Relations (IIAR>), conducted independently by CB Resourcing. The survey explored not just salaries, but also various aspects of the AR function – including where typically AR sits and who AR reports to in the organization. (It’s interesting to consider the implications of that alignment.) Data also showed that AR programs and roles are increasingly global, and the majority of work locations are flexible — a recent change from when AR positions were primarily based around Boston and Silicon Valley.

We’re pleased to share this infographic with you, highlighting additional key findings. If you’re an IIAR> member, you can also access the full survey results and a webinar with additional details and data points.