Startup businesses have a lot of to-dos: from solidifying their product(s), vision and go-to-market strategy; to acquiring talent; to securing funding; and much, much more. Where does analyst relations (AR) fit in the mix? Should it?

The short answer is yes. A new survey, spearheaded by the University of Edinburgh Business School and AR firms Schaffer AR and, shines a light on the many benefits B2B tech startups can achieve by working with industry analysts: heightened visibility among buyers, valuable industry and competitive insights, and validation for investors, to name just a few. 

Even if startups don’t have an internal AR specialist or team, and even with minimal budget, it’s still worth having a strategy for analyst engagement — which can be expanded on, with time.

We’re a proud sponsor of this valuable report and prepared the infographic below to share key highlights with you. You can see more information in this State of Startups with Industry Analysts press release and overview presentation

If you have questions about the methodology or results, please contact Chris Holscher of Holscher One (, Robin Schaffer of Schaffer AR ( and Professor Neil Pollock of the University of Edinburgh (