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Curate content to extend your reach

Extend your analyst reach by creating a digital experience for your analysts to engage with. The Analyst Portal provides a central location where you can store valuable on-demand content for exclusive analyst use. Build an on-brand Analyst Portal so you can have the power to securely distribute your quality content while connecting with a larger pool of analysts.

Supported media formats


Insert PNG or JPG image files


Host a video or embed video with embed code


Attach files like documents or press releases for analyst download


Follow links to your webpages

Benefits of Analyst Portal

By Invitation Only

AR managers decide which analysts have access to their branded portal

Password Protected

Analysts are authenticated based on their information in ARchitect database

Access Control

Among invited analysts, you can select which analysts have access to which content

Single Sign-on

Analysts access content from multiple vendors with a single sign-on increasing visibility of all content

What People Are Saying:

  • Analysts thrive on current information and the ARInsights Analyst Portal helps me stay current. Do you really want an analyst digging around the depths of the internet for information about your company? You never know what we’ll find!

    Wayne Kurtzman
    Wayne Kurtzman
    Research Director, Social Media, Communities, & Collaboration
  • It’s clean, well-structured and responsive. Very useful for staying in touch with vendors.  Thumbs up.

    Merv Adrian
    Merv Adrian
    Research VP, Data & Analytics
  • The Analyst Portal helps IBM build relationships with a bigger segment of the analyst community — in a very efficient and scalable manner.

    Dan O'Brien
    Dan O'Brien
    Director, Analyst Relations

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