At your service: Influencer tracking

With our Custom Influencers program, we help you monitor the non-analyst influencers who matter to your business.

It’s not just traditional analysts
who move markets.

More and more, non-analyst B2B influencers sway your prospects too. But tracking these experts and their content eats up time. One in three, in fact, changes jobs every year, according to our research. We help you stay up-to-date on key influencers — including what they’re saying and how to reach them — with Custom Influencers. Then, you can build better relationships with them, with the ARchitect platform you already know. 

We manage the data on your influencers,
so you can better manage your time.

With Custom Influencers, our team will:

Research your key influencers

We do the research to ensure your influencers’ profile information (contact data, bio, social handles, blog, etc.) is up-to-date.

Maintain the profiles

ARInsights verifies and updates your non-analyst influencers’ profiles at least every 90 days (just like we do with the analysts in our database) — so you’re reaching out based on accurate information.

Monitor influencer content

We make sure your custom influencers’ latest social posts, blog articles and media mentions are captured in Premium Content, so you can access, search, save and report on them.

Better engage top influencers

Targeting the right influencers? Check.
Got the right contact info? Check.
Custom Influencers has done the legwork for you — and now, you can also tap into ARchitect features for improved influencer engagement:

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