Analyst Relations Software


ARchitect is the software solution for successful analyst relations programs

ARchitect was designed and built by AR professionals to manage and streamline the day-to-day activities of an AR professional. It is a comprehensive application comprised of 4 key components built to increase efficiencies so AR professionals can concentrate on what’s important: building analyst relationships.

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Our continuously updated database of 11345* analysts from 1790* different firms lets you develop target lists of analysts your company should focus on. *real-time info


Our database of analyst research, media quotes, blogs and tweets helps you monitor what the analysts are saying about your company on a daily basis.


Our software empowers you to plan your AR strategy and execute it flawlessly by providing a common platform for AR teams.


ARchitect’s user-friendly analytical features help you create AR metrics to communicate your results to your management.

Analyst Premium Content

Track what analysts are saying about your company and your company’s competitors.

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Analyst Portal

Provide the content you want specific analysts to see via a secure portal environment.

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Event Manager

ARchitect event scheduling tools are developed to simplify scheduling of analyst events.

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Influence Technology Influencers

See how ARchitect helps AR professionals build analyst relationships

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