ARchitect User Forum 2016 was the biggest since we began organizing the forums. As we continue to enhance the basic ARchitect capabilities with new products such as Event Management, Premium Content and the Analyst Portal, we are seeing rising interest in ARchitect. The audience was a broad representation of tech companies, agencies and research firms from all over the world.

Below is a short description with full copy of each presentation for download. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about any of the presentations.

Keynote: Thriving Through Relentless Transition

Technology is converging and evolving at a breakneck pace. This changes the roles of industry analysts, influencers and analyst relations. The technology industry is moving beyond the Mobile-Cloud era to deliver a world of contextual, cognitive and composable business offerings. Companies of all sizes must become agile businesses that deliver the right information or service, to the right person, at the right-time. This session will describe the coming world of technology changes and how analyst relations professionals can thrive in the new world.
Maribel Lopez is the Founder and Principal Analyst of Lopez Research

Managing Analyst Events using ARchitect
Are large analyst events and in-person briefings to multiple analysts wearing you down? Cognizant’s AR team was stretched thin managing such events until this year, when they used ARchitect to manage their Global Analyst Summit in New York in late August. With ARchitect, they were able to manage the schedules of over 50 analysts with more than 50 Cognizant executives over 2 days without a hitch. ARchitect allowed them to schedule over 150 meetings without a single conflict. They were also able to produce individual agendas for every analyst and executive. Ray will share his experience of what it was like to manage such events with and without ARchitect.
Ray Upton is the Senior Director of Analyst Relations at Cognizant Technology Solutions. Ray has been a veteran AR leader for over 15 years.

Implementing ARchitect In A Large-Scale Enterprise
Glenn Hintze and Kelly Laverty will share IBM Analyst Relations’ experience in transitioning 70 users across the globe from a legacy application to ARchitect in Spring 2016. After training all users with a series of in-person and online sessions, IBM was able to transition existing AR processes into ARchitect, including tracking paid engagements to remain audit-ready, managing workflow around key IBM announcements and publishing a calendar of worldwide IBM, analyst and industry events in a central location. They will also highlight best practices for tracking paid analyst engagements, maintaining the analyst relations calendar, migration of analyst relations groups and building reports from interactions.
Glenn and Kelly are members of the IBM AR Center of Excellence. They help coordinate events, reporting, operations and all communications of the global IT analyst relations team across all IBM business lines and solutions portfolio.

ARchitect: A Source of Competitive Intelligence and an Enabler of Relationship Building
Wipro Ltd.’s analyst relations program is focused, not just on building relationships with key analysts, but also on building a detailed understanding of the marketplace with internal and external information sources. This focus requires professional fortitude and and tools to make the hard and soft skills of AR flourish. ARchitect has allowed Wipro to build internal relationships inside the firm and to better understand the complex IT marketplace with much more efficiency. Wipro’s use of ARchitect, not only transformed how it did analyst relations, but it allowed for Wipro to better inform 1000s across the company with timely news, trends, and even geographical understanding of the entire technology sector.
Christopher Manfredi is the Global Head of Analyst Relations at Wipro Digital.

Leveraging ARchitect Premium Content for AR Knowledge Management
With ARchitect Premium Content, enhancing your knowledge management program has never been easier! During this session, Kara Lira will cover how Premium Content has enabled Capgemini’s AR program to streamline and enhance its analyst content reporting, providing a high-value service for sales and marketing. These reports are leveraged for everything from sales pursuits to thought leadership, helping increase the value of AR in the eyes of the business.
Kara Lira is responsible for operations and knowledge management within global analyst relations at Capgemini.

Shashank Kulkarni
ARInsights CEO, presented the new Analyst Portal. ARInsights will launch a new product, Analyst Portal on January 1, 2017. The portal is designed to create a new network directly connecting AR professionals with technology industry analysts. AR professionals invite tech analysts to join their portal, store their content on the secure password protected portal and control who has access to specific pieces of their content. Analysts will be able to access content from multiple tech companies with a single sign on.

Crystal Golightly
Director of Client Development for ARInsights, presented about how to get the most out of Projects in ARchitect. Projects in ARchitect are a great way to track your analyst events, research evaluations, product launches, campaigns etc. Projects bring together analyst interactions, emails, documents, research reports, tweets and media quotes. Once all this information is filed into a project in ARchitect, you can generate in-depth reports on analyst touch-points, internal participants, number of meetings with just a few clicks.