In analyst relations (AR) today, “you’ve got to be talking to sales, you’ve got to be talking to leadership, you’ve got to be talking to marketing and competitive intelligence. … It’s about being connected to all these different parts of the organization,” shared Greg Wind, ARInsights VP of services, during a recent ARInsights webinar. “It’s also about knowing what all the firms are up to… That’s a lot of information to have in your head.”

“AR people need to be passionate, they need to be curious, they need to be personable and adaptable,” he continued. “Luckily, most of the people I’ve met in analyst relations are all of those things, and we enjoy these challenges. I’m really excited about the state of AR right now.”

In addition to being excited about the state of AR, we at ARInsights are also extremely excited to have Greg, Patty Wind and The Wind Communications Agency team on board, as new ARInsights team members! 

Our recent webinar — now available on-demand — explored ARInsights’ newly announced acquisition of Wind Communications, significantly expanding the services we offer that complement ARchitect and meet AR pros’ expanding and evolving needs. Check out the video below to see the webinar in full; we’ve also pulled key highlights below that.

As you’ll see, in the webinar, we discuss:

  • The “why” of ARInsights’ acquisition of Wind Communications — including how it expands our ServicePlus offerings and combines our industry-leading AR software with end-to-end AR services from tenured professionals… all under one roof. 
  • Our new services team members — and their backgrounds and areas of focus/expertise, including AR strategy, day-to-day operations, peer reviews (and Gartner Peer Insights, in particular), AR events, competitive intelligence and a lot more.
  • Our expanded ServicePlus offerings — related to AR strategy, program execution, peer reviews management and AR operations.
  • AR trends to watch this year and beyond — including the need for AR pros to be increasingly informed and connected, as Greg mentioned above. There’s also actionable information on peer reviews, greater specialization among AR pros and valuable uses of AI in AR. (“We’re moving quickly into the phase where [AI is] enabling what we do,” Greg shared. “It’s going to be decision support and something we rely on as part of our process. If you’ve been waiting and seeing on AI, I’d encourage you to start experimenting now.”)
  • And more, including webinar Q&A.

Interested in hearing more about our new AR services and picking Patty and Greg’s brains? Please reach out to (current customers) or We look forward to discussing your AR needs, along with additional ways AR services can drive business value and help you stay future-ready.