Since the pandemic hit, we find ourselves on more video calls than ever before but many are finding the whirlwind of video calls exhausting. The same sentiments are transferring into the analyst communities with analysts stating inquiry calls are up by 25%. During this month’s episode of the New Normal for Analyst Relation, AR teams across the globe explained how they are keeping analysts engaged with their content by:

NOTE: We’re following one of the tips suggested by your AR colleagues, and we will no longer be recording these sessions. Join us for the next one to get the scoop live.

With video calls at an all time high, AR leaders find themselves asking whether attendance is a good indicator of engagement. Analysts are getting double-booked for virtual events and AR teams have noticed that analysts are logging in to events then dropping off shortly after. With the risk of your analysts choosing to attend another event over yours, set your events a part by using the following methods:

Shifting Content Models

Content is key when it comes to virtual events. The days of long-winded presentations are a thing of the past as audience engagement becomes more and more challenging. While AR teams are continuing to use virtual briefings and events, many leaders are shifting their content to be less overwhelming and easier to follow. Some of the common strategies that have worked are utilizing bite-size content, short video clips, and customer testimonials. Customer testimonials and presentations have been extremely successful as analysts find them very engaging and informative. If you have customers willing to present, involve them as this can be an excellent way to connect your analysts to your products. Some AR teams are getting other parties involved to have their analysts more interested in the content. That means using product managers, executives, and customers to have new people involved in the process. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new presenters and content formats. 

Utilizing Live and Playback Content

One topic that was up for debate during the session was whether playback or live content is more effective. AR leaders find that utilizing both types has to be balanced properly and strategically for effective engagement. Playback content has been good in some ways to remain organized and make sure analysts have all the content in one location. Utilizing hosting platforms to do so like the ARchitect Analyst Portal can be useful in setting up short video clips that are more engaging than an extremely long one as well as gives analysts the opportunity to go back to content on their own time. Although playback content is standard for live events, some AR teams suggest limiting playback content to incentivize analysts to come to events. Letting analysts know that an event will not be recorded can be strategic in getting them to come to the event while it is live. You can also use other incentives for live events like live Q&A with executives, live product demos, and exclusive content. AR teams have also suggested utilizing inquiries as a means to get feedback for videos or presentations. To do so, book an inquiry with an analyst and reference the content you want reviewed. This forces them to do their homework prior to your meeting and requires their attention.  

Employing Community and Private Environments

Lastly, the AR community had a few great tips to changing up the environment for their analysts. This means targeting analysts in community forums, private meetings, and social instances. According to AR leaders, analysts are not wary to share their questions and comments among their competitors at an event. Like the format of the New Normal, analysts are much more open to having open forum events and utilizing live Q&A sessions with video to have a more interactive experience with people. While you are in the midst of a presentation, be sure to utilize chat features to message your top analysts and hear their questions. Utilize the members of your team to interact with your top analysts and gather their questions. You can then ask these questions during the Q&A session or set up a call with team members directly after to follow up. Additionally, AR leaders are continuing to socialize with analysts informally with short coffee breaks and happy hours virtually. Some suggest utilizing work hours to do so since work has been cutting into home time for many analysts. 

Keep an eye out for the next New Normal invite and find out all the tips top AR leaders are using to maintain great analyst relationships throughout the pandemic. 

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