Got an upcoming conversation with an analyst or other B2B influencer? Maybe it’s a big briefing — such as for a vendor evaluation, a new product launch or an intro to your company. Maybe it’s a strategic inquiry or a meeting at an industry show. Whatever it is, you want to make sure your executives are on-message and prepared — so both your business and the analyst(s) get maximum value from the conversation.

That’s why backgrounders or “briefing books” are so important… but they can be time-intensive to create manually. ARchitect automates this process so that analyst relations (AR) pros can dedicate their time to other and more strategic activities.

Our latest Learning Series webinar showed how to create branded, attractive and informative briefing books in ARchitect, instantly populating them with all the need-to-know information to help make briefings successful, so your business can cultivate and strengthen analyst and influencer relationships. Check out the recording, below, which shows the content that ARchitect can add to your briefing books, how to create them and more:

As you’ll see above, you can use ARchitect to:

  • Create attractive, branded briefing books from a variety of templates. We’ve recently added many new formats to our template library; these are marked as NEW. If you want to combine aspects from various templates into a new one, or are looking for something that’s a little different, we can help! Reach out to us at
  • Instantly pull information from ARchitect’s database into your briefing book — including analyst bios, photos, contact information, hyperlinked research, social posts and more.
  • Include an analyst’s history with your organization — automatically pulling from any interaction history you’ve logged in ARchitect. In addition to date and topic information, you can also include interaction participants, analyst perception data and more.
  • Easily pull in information from custom fields you’ve added to ARchitect analyst profiles. This often includes “Our Take” [briefing impressions], “Key Insights,” “Takeaways,” “Next Steps” and other fields, where AR pros capture important information about analyst relationships.
  • Create briefing books about non-analyst B2B influencers too. ARchitect’s database includes information on non-analyst B2B influencers too, such as advisers and consultants. We also offer a Custom Influencers program, where we monitor and manage data on non-analyst influencers that AR professionals define as important to their business — populating, verifying and updating those influencers’ profile information on a regular basis. That information, as well, can automatically be brought into briefing books.

Got questions about briefing books? Looking for a deeper dive? We’re here to help. Reach out at