Over the last year, the events industry has seen a lot of uncertainty and upheaval – moving from canceling large-scale events, to hosting and polishing virtual ones, to investigating and planning “hybrid” events, which combine in-person and virtual elements.

As restrictions lift and the world starts to open back up, how will this impact analyst events and other corporate events going forward? Events expert Amy Turell is back with insights, in the final part of our three-part series with her – focusing on flexible and creative options for hybrid events, considerations for go-live day, and how to evaluate an event’s success. 

Whether your execs will be engaging with target analysts and other event attendees in-person or virtually in the months ahead, there are important elements to keep in mind on the day of your event and even after it’s over. Check out the 10-minute clip where Amy breaks them down, along with our brief synopsis below.

As you’ll see above, Amy discusses:

  • How hybrid events can help you break from event monotony and traditional, rigid structure.
  • The need for a Plan B. Unforeseen and unwelcome glitches can happen in a virtual environment (bandwidth or weather problems) or in-person (building alarms, electricity outages, etc.), so a back-up plan and calm demeanor are must-haves. 
  • COVID protocols for in-person elements. Attendees must feel and be safe, and communications play an important role, from the registration phase to on-site messaging. A “COVID compliance officer” can help your company stay on top of current, local regulations, and ensure that your venue and attendees adhere to protocols put in place.
  • A shift in metrics for measuring events, accelerated by the pandemic. In early 2020, the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) articulated the multiple areas organizations are seeking to measure: in addition to return on investment, there’s also return on participation, return on operations and return on experience.
  • How to monitor attendee feedback, such as with post-event surveys. As Amy mentions, you can also use tools like ARInsights’ Premium Content to capture what analysts are saying on social media, in blogs and in news articles about your event. 

We’re grateful to Amy for sharing her insights and hope you’ve found this series valuable.

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