September 7, 2023 —McKinsey & Company estimates that generative AI could add the equivalent of $2.6 trillion to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy. Because AI is taking the business world by storm and may change the way we work forever, staying on top of AI — how your business can incorporate and leverage it, AI trends, transformative approaches, security/privacy and ethics considerations, etc. — is likely very important to your company. To get the advice you need, you may be turning to industry analysts for trusted insights. And for vendors that build AI products, it’s also important for them to exchange knowledge, intelligence and insights with influential analysts — benefitting both their AR program, product roadmap and overall business plan. 

With many AR pros and their companies asking questions about all aspects of AI, it’s important to know which experts to turn to. Who’s the most knowledgeable, influential and highly regarded in the space? We set out to find out, based on insights and information in our ARchitect database. You can see the Leading AI Analysts here (more info on our methodology below).

Given the interest we received in the top experts lists for both Cloud and IoT, and given the popularity and impact of all things AI,we decided to highlight the most highly rated analysts in our database that cover AI — by looking at 550+ analysts covering AI and AI-related topics (like AI operations, machine learning, generative AI, etc.) in our database. Because AI continues to dominate the scene, we can expect AI-related coverages to grow. 

Our methodology included reviewing the many AI experts in our database and sorting the list based on “Influencer Score” — our proprietary algorithm that evaluates influence based on an analyst’s frequency of interactions with vendors, as well as the amount of research the analyst publishes (along with blog and social posts — with the highest weighting on research) and how often they’re quoted in the media. To validate this dataset, we also evaluated this list by comparing it against recently published and upcoming AI research items, to ensure major experts are included. 

To learn more about how our Influencer Score works, please download our datasheet with the full breakdown. 

Interested in exploring ARchitect? To access more information about these and many more influencers — including contact information, as well as their social media and blog posts, research reports, media mentions and more —schedule a demo of ARchitect here. Current ARchitect users can contact us any time with questions at