September 14, 2022 — Given the great interest we received in our Top IoT Experts list, we decided to explore another top coverage area in the ARchitect database — cloud. Cloud is one of the top coverage areas by analyst count in ARchitect — with 700+ analysts covering cloud and cloud-related topics (like cloud computing, cloud analytics, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud and more!). Because of the rapid growth of the cloud technology market (for example, Gartner forecasts worldwide public cloud end-user spending will reach nearly $500 billion in 2022), we can expect that cloud and cloud-related coverages will continue to dominate our database. 

Considering the substantial number of cloud analysts (as well as the many companies in that space), we wanted to help our technology company customers determine which of these analysts are among the most influential. 

Our methodology included reviewing the many cloud experts in our database and sorting the list based on “Influencer Score” — our proprietary algorithm that evaluates influence based on an analyst’s frequency of interactions with vendors, as well as the amount of research the analyst publishes (along with blog and social posts… with the highest weighting on research) and how often they’re quoted in the media. To validate this dataset, we also evaluated this list by comparing it against recently published and upcoming cloud research items, to ensure major experts are included. 

To learn more about how our Influencer Score works, please download our datasheet with the full breakdown. 

Here is our list of the Top Cloud Analyst Experts: 

Stay tuned as we highlight more top expert lists from a wide range of topics such as telecommunications and more!