As vendors and their analyst relations (AR) teams plan analyst engagement strategies, they often seek to connect and build relationships with the most relevant, high-impact analysts in their coverage areas. Questions such as “Who is publishing most frequently?” “Who has the ears of buyers and other vendors in the market?” and “Who are reporters turning to for perspective on the space?” help determine analysts who wield significant influence.

We aim to provide AR teams with that valuable intelligence — while also recognizing the analysts who help interpret, shape and inform the spaces they cover. And our ARchitect Influencer Score, visible in the ARchitect database, helps provide the means to do so. 

The Influencer Score is a metric that ARInsights uses to rank technology industry analysts, based on a proprietary algorithm that we’ve developed and refined from 20+ years experience of working with analysts. The algorithm factors in the quantity and recency of ARchitect users’ interactions with a given analyst, the amount of research and substantive content (from blogs and social handles) that analyst publishes, and how often they’re quoted in the media.

We also use the Influencer Scores as the basis for another important (and fluid) ranking: the ARchitect Analyst Power 100 list — identifying the most influential 100 analysts in our database as a whole, spanning coverage areas. And we also often use the scores to identify the top analysts in key technology sectors regardless of whether they fall in the top 100 overall or not.

Learn more about the Influencer Score, and how it helps AR pros determine the best analysts to work with, in our whitepaper “The Influencer Score Explained.”