ARchitect User Forum 2017 was the biggest since we began organizing the forums. As we continue to enhance the basic ARchitect capabilities with newer products such as Analyst Portal, Event Management and Premium Content, we are seeing rising interest in ARchitect. The audience was a broad representation of tech companies, agencies and research firms from all over the world.

Below is a short description with full copy of each presentation for download. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about any of the presentations.

Analyst Keynote: AR Tales From Both Sides Of the Fence
Patrick Moorhead spent over 20 years as a vendor and held VP roles working with a myriad of analysts as a product, strategy, marketing and communications leader. As an analyst and running an analyst firm, Patrick brings a unique perspective to the table on where the analyst industry is headed and how to get ahead of it.

Size Doesn’t Matter: A Tale of Two AR Programs
When you lead a large AR team for a multi-billion public company, there’s an obvious need for collaboration tools and efficient systems of record to ensure your AR program is delivering ROI. What happens when you’re a team of one for a fast-growing private data platform company helping enterprises deal with the “right now” economy?

Phil Nash has made the journey from large to small AR and survived to tell the tale. He’s also leveraged the ARchitect platform in both environments. In his presentation, he compared what works (and doesn’t work) for a team of ten and for his current one-man-band. He also outlined how he built a metrics-focused AR program for DataStax, a provider of data management solutions to some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Struggling with Analyst Events? Lean from EY experience
With a relatively small AR team managing multiple events along with its daily workload, efficiency tools can play a big part in the team’s success. Even with the best laid plans, there are typically last minute changes leading up to analyst events that the AR team has to adjust for on the fly while ensuring accuracy. Using ARchitect’s Event Management helps AR teams handle changes with confidence, ensure the event goes smoothly and keep all participants clear on their roles for the event.

Patty Wind has been focused on analyst relations for the majority of her career and has worked for large IT services companies, including Cognizant, Capgemini, and most recently EY. Over time she has supported many analyst events and can provide insight about her recent event experience and the difference ARchitect’s Event Management tool can make in the outcome of the event.

Samsung Improves Its Visibility Among Analyst Community with Its Analyst Portal
The Samsung Electronics Americas Analyst Relations Portal, powered by ARInsights, was conceived as a solution for always being connected with analysts whether you are online or off. Samsung launched the Portal to reach analysts at scale without having to conduct hundreds of briefings and calls for every new product launch or feature change. With the ARInsights portal, Samsung delivers a consistent cadence of interactions with its target analysts, while also being able to fully control what content is available to each analyst. The Portal is a mobile-first based solution that enables content to be viewed at anytime and anywhere through a highly secure web-based platform.

Arthur Bailey leads Samsung Electronics Americas B2B AR and PR program and worked in enterprise communications for such well-known brands as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft and ABB.

ARchitect Event Management and Analyst Portal
Crystal Golightly, head of ARInsights client development, showed the latest event management features and showed how the analyst portal can be leveraged to digitally distribute analyst agendas in real time.

451 Research — Updates & Insights
James B. Stanton, currently SVP Marketing at 451 Research and formerly VP Product & Marketing at Gartner, gave us a brief update on his firm’s unique research methodology and enterprise engagement model. He also shared a few thoughts on how to best leverage an analyst firm to support your Content Marketing strategy.

What’s New in ARchitect and Roadmap
Lucas Bond, head of ARInsights technology, presented the latest updates to ARchitect and outlined his vision for ARchitect roadmap going into 2018.