July 6, 2022 — Customer review sites continue to be a trending topic at our industry round tables, session after session. Gartner Peer Insights, in particular, is top-of-mind for analyst relations (AR) professionals, given its close connection to Gartner research. The customer reviews there, along with Peer Insights ratings and Voice of the Customer reports, are increasingly factored into influential research (as Gartner has previously stated). And today, media outlets are also quoting from Peer Insights within their stories, as they cover various industries and the players.

Because Peer Insights-based research and media inclusions have been a relatively new development impacting AR programs, analyst relations teams are now looking at how they can effectively monitor, measure and report on these mentions. 

At ARInsights, we have heard your need to measure peer review site-driven inclusions in the media. For this reason, ARchitect Premium Content users now have the ability to search the Premium Content database for mentions related to Gartner Peer Insights. You can see mentions about your company, your coverages or your competitors across media articles, research reports and tweets. In addition, you can use Premium Content to analyze these Peer Insights mentions — tracking and comparing article counts by each of your selected coverage areas over a defined period of time. 

As an example, the types of news articles surfaced may mention company product news and use a Gartner Peer Insights ranking as part of the description, for third-party validation. In addition, for AR teams, inclusions like these can demonstrate AR’s value (especially when the team has played a role in Peer Insights strategies/efforts). 

Searching for Peer Insights inclusions: How-to guide

To view your Gartner Peer Insights mentions, go to the Premium Content search page.

As shown in the image below, add a filter for analyst, and search for Gartner Peer Insights.

Then, add a filter for coverage and add your company name or any coverage (e.g., competitor, topic, etc.) you would like to search for.

Here you can see Gartner Peer Insight mentions of your chosen coverages.

Any questions? Want to explore this further? We’re here to help: support@arinsights.com