This blog post provides a quick summary of the webinar delivered by Schylr Greggs of Tenable Network Security and Crystal Golightly, Director of Client Development of ARInsights.  If you would like to download a copy of the slides presented, please click here.  If you would like to listen to the webinar recording, please see the video below.

Creating and maintaining analyst target lists is literally the first and most important step in building a world-class Analyst Relations program.  Yet, many AR pros, whether they are veterans with new assignments or starting new programs, struggle to find the information needed to create their lists.

The traditional approach to building analyst lists includes relying on your past knowledge, asking other knowledgeable people in the industry, hiring consultants and visiting various analyst firm websites to gather information.  This approach is beginning to fall short because knowledge is getting fragmented, new analyst firms are sprouting every year, analysts are covering many different areas and technical fields are getting specialized.

In this webinar, Schylr and Crystal presented a new approach that leverages the analysts’ biographies and the analysts’ own written word, including research, blogs, quotes and tweets.  Schylr and Crystal show how to find only the relevant information and how to build analyst lists quickly.  These lists can be used for targeting influential analysts and building relationships with them, in order to grow the coverage of your company and its products.