November 28, 2023 — As businesses today increasingly look to tap AI to streamline processes, improve user experiences and much more, AI also features heavily in ARInsights’ product roadmap and strategy. As we shared at our recent ARchitect User Forum, we’re committed to incorporating AI in our products in ways that add sustained value to our users and their analyst relations (AR) programs: empowering them with functionality that makes their jobs easier and drives business results.

We recently rolled out the first of such product enhancements: an AI Assistant in ARchitect Emailer, which is presently available to all customers. AR pros use our Emailer to engage analysts and other influencers with emails, newsletters, event invitations and more. With ARchitect Emailer, it’s easy to build, design and format messages; select recipients (or pre-saved groups) from our database; preview and send messages to them; and track engagement.

And now, content creation and editing with the Emailer is even easier. Through our AI Assistant — which leverages OpenAI’s ChatGPT API — you can bust writer’s block and kickstart content (or idea) generation, refine your messages, and communicate with even greater impact. 

For example, you can use the AI Assistant to:

  • Draft copy for an analyst newsletter or event, based on parameters you set in ChatGPT.
  • Briefly summarize a corporate press release for use as intro email text.
  • Compose a message to engage with influencers on a trending topic.
  • Add text to a paragraph, fleshing out a topic based on your request.
  • Condense or proofread an email pitch that you’ve drafted.
  • Suggest ideas for engaging subject lines.

Here’s how you get started. From within the email builder:

  • Insert, or navigate to, a content block where you want to apply AI. The AI Assistant is available to you in the “Title,” “Paragraph,” “List” and “Button” content block options, in our drag-and-drop email builder.
  • Click the blue “Write with AI” button on the right panel.
  • You can enter your own prompt — for example: “Write an invitation for my analyst day” or “Cut the length of this message in half” — and then click “generate.” 
  • You can also choose from pre-configured prompts to refine your (and the AI-generated) text. These include: “spell check the content,” “correct grammar mistakes,” “translate content to [language],” “make it [tone] — such as casual, formal, etc.” and “use active voice.”
  • Click “apply” to incorporate the suggestions. You can edit further from there.

The AI Assistant in ARchitect Emailer comes at no additional charge to ARchitect users and is a new feature included in their ARchitect subscriptions.

Some fine print and privacy information: The AI Assistant uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT API — which, according to their terms of use, does not use the content you provide to, or receive from, it to train its models, or develop or improve its service. (Learn more about OpenAI’s privacy commitments for ChatGPT API users here.) The AI Assistant is considered a third-party application under ARInsights’ terms and conditions, and usage of it is governed by OpenAI’s terms of use.  

As we explore additional ways to unleash AR productivity through AI — including generative AI, machine learning, pattern recognition, sentiment analysis and natural language processing — our AI Assistant in ARchitect Emailer is the beginning of what’s to come. Customer feedback is always integral to our product development, so please let us know what’s useful to you and what you need at