Although Gartner’s share of enterprise IT buyers’ research budgets continues to grow, buyers continue to use an expanding range of other analysts and analyst-like researchers. The webinar presented by Duncan Chapple shares early insights from the 2019 Analyst Value Survey, organized by the University of Edinburgh. Chapple explores which analyst firms are increasing their user base and what that means for analyst relations managers like you. 

Here are some of the topics discussed in the ARInsights webinar:

  • Which firms seem to be growing their user base the fastest?
  • How is the use of analyst firms changing?
  • Which firms are most over-valued, or under-valued, by suppliers relative to their impact on the demand-side?

About the Presenter: Duncan Chapple launched Analyst Value Survey in 2002 and volunteers as co-director of the Analyst Observatory at the University of Edinburgh Business School. He heads analyst relations at CCgroup, the transatlantic B2B Tech PR agency which sponsors the survey.