May 12, 2022 — Because most of the world operates online, it can be challenging to stand out from the crowd. For analyst relations (AR) pros, capturing the attention of target analysts can be difficult, as they are pressed for time, pulled in various directions and face “information overload.”

To help your brand stay top-of-mind, we’ve implemented new enhancements to our Analyst Portal — video banners, unique subdomains and login configuration customization — which can all help you better engage analysts. 

The Analyst Portal is a central, secure digital destination for industry analysts — where they can access your company’s latest and greatest content (briefing presentations, event information, product updates, company news, thought-leadership, demo videos, etc.). You can see how customers including SAP and Cisco use and benefit from their portals in their respective case studies

Video banners

Video banners are an exciting addition to the Analyst Portal. Data shows that 93% of marketers say that video is a core part of any marketing strategy. Because video is considered one of the most engaging forms of digital content, we support multiple video formats for content uploaded to the Analyst Portal and seek new ways to incorporate it for our customers’ benefit. 

Now, with the addition of video banners, you can capture analysts’ attention from the moment they log into your Analyst Portal. With a concise and engaging looping video, you can instantly convey important information about your brand. 

Some important considerations to note when creating and uploading your video banner are:

  • Keep the video between 15-30 seconds. 
  • The video will not have audio (if you have B-roll, that often works well).
  • Try to keep the video at a 16:9 ratio to best fit the frame.
  • We support common video formats including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and FLV.

Check out the example from our own portal below:

Additional Analyst Portal updates

In addition to video banners, each customer’s Analyst Portal now has: 

  • An assigned subdomain. This lets you have a direct, easy-to-remember link you can give to analysts and they can share with colleagues. The syntax for all portals going forward is, where “company” would be the name of your company. If you are already an Analyst Portal customer, please reach out to to receive your new unique subdomain. 
  • The ability to customize your login page. You can now have your own logo on the Analyst Portal login page and customize the messaging. 
  • The ability for new analysts to request access. You can now also allow analysts who land on your Analyst Portal login page but don’t yet have access to click a mailto link to request access.  You’ll receive an email and can decide whether to extend an invite to them or not.


These features and enhancements can be accessed from the settings page of your Analyst Portal. To get to the Settings page, scroll over SITE > PORTAL ADMIN > SETTINGS.

Once you click into Settings, the first section is where you can upload a static image or video banner and associate a link to it.

Once you select your image or video banner, confirm your display settings in the Layout area and click Save.

To customize the login page, scroll down to the section titled “Log in Page Configuration.” Here, you can upload a logo and edit the log-in text to fit your needs. This message box is HTML friendly and can accommodate mailto links.

Do you have any questions about these capabilities and how to apply them for maximum impact? As always, we’re here to help! Give us a shout at