You’ve probably heard by now of Omdia but you may have a few questions lingering about how Omdia will impact analyst relations. Here’s what you need to know about the new analyst relations powerhouse:


Omdia combines Informa Tech’s portfolio of market leading analyst houses, Ovum, Heavy Reading, Tractica, and the majority of IHS Markit’s technology, media and telecommunications research business, into a unified capability. 


By unifying the research offerings of Informa Tech (Ovum, Tractica and Heavy Reading) and the recently acquired IHS Markit technology research portfolio – Omdia provides unparalleled and harmonized views across the interconnected technology, media & telecommunications landscape. Omdia combines over 400+ research analysts and experts, 3,000+ research solutions, 395m research data points, and 300k+ research panelists.


During the webinar, there were a lot of questions coming up about where analysts will be located world-wide and additions to the Omdia teams globally. At this time, Omdia has built a team of 400+ analysts and consultants at 25 different locations with 30% located in the Americas, 30% in Asia Pacific, and 40% in EMEA.


With Omdia just beginning, it is important to explore the history and formation of its parts. To better understand the credibility of this powerhouse, take a look at their timeline to see how they have changed over the years. Ovum is the most well-known and established brand to now be incorporated in Omdia with over 30+ years experience as an analyst and consultancy firm. 


Omdia was created with you in mind to connect the dots between insights at the technology and market-specific level and reveal the interdependencies between these levels and their end markets. The goal is to help you by integrating research, events, digital media and training to deliver you maximum value. 


With this last question, you need to know how ARchitect plans on incorporating Omdia. Here’s our plan to help you along the way:

  1. All Ovum analysts are now in ARchitect as Omdia analysts.  We are currently in the process of changing the email addresses using the existing  naming convention. 
  2. All Tractica analysts are now in ARchitect as Omdia analysts.
  3. All IHS Markit technology analysts will be in ARchitect as Omdia analysts within a couple weeks.
  4. Currently, nothing is changing with Heavy Reading.  It will remain the same in ARchitect.