This 10th year anniversary User Forum exceeded our expectations! 2020 has been a new and exciting ride for ARInsights, and it has brought some very good news our way. During the event’s kickoff, Ed Capps reviewed 5 highlights that took the cake this year: 

  1. The ARchitect Dashboard was launched in May
  2. Firm Research Calendars are available in ARchitect
  3. ARchitect ServicePlus launched and offers two service types
  4. The Analyst Portal is bringing together the AR community and the analyst community
  5. In September, ARInsights received a big vote of confidence in our business model and market position, with a major investment from Polaris Growth Fund

Check out how our amazing customers are leveraging ARchitect to transform their analyst relationships!

I’m hooked! How ARchitect Changed AR for Me

Hear how ARchitect changed Robin’s approach to AR for the better. It opened up new ways to plan, prepare, track, and report a job that, if done well, is intricate, nuanced and inundated with critical details. ARchitect provides the support Robin needed to make simpler sense of a complex job. It allowed her to do more and do it better.

Robin is author of the forthcoming book, Analysts on Analyst Relations, a guide to the analysts’ view on how to do AR right. She can be reached on LinkedIn at /in/schafferar

Elevating Analyst Share of Voice

In recent months, Palo Alto Networks has collaborated with ARInsights to measure Analyst SOV in a way that is consistent with how business leaders expect to see results. Jenna presented insights from her experience measuring Analyst SOV and the actions that have resulted from it becoming a metric that’s shared with the C-Suite.

Jenna Duston leads the Analyst Relations team at Palo Alto Networks. She can be reached on LinkedIn at /in/jennaabeyta/

What’s New with ARchitect

In Andy’s presentation, he reviewed and explained new enhancements that were made to ARchitect in 2020 including the dashboard, identity server, and firm research calendar.

Andy is Senior Developer at ARInsights. He can be found on LinkedIn at in/andymclandrich.

ARchitect Roadmap

Lucas’s presentation explored the big themes and technical initiatives to support ARInsights’ goals for 2021.

Lucas is the CTO at ARInsights. He can be found on LinkedIn at in/lucas-bond-9193228.

Building the Cisco Analyst Portal via ARchitect–Ready, Set, Launch

Hear first-hand how Cisco recently launched its AR portal using the AR Insights platform and find out the steps involved in designing, launching and maintaining a dedicated site for industry analysts. Cynthia discussed the portal’s benefits and opportunities that are helping to transform and elevate Cisco’s AR program.

Cynthia Leong is the Corporate Program Manager for Cisco Analyst Relations. In this role for the past year, she has helped broaden Cisco’s AR program by leading the launch of the AR portal and global analyst calls. She can be reached on LinkedIn at /in/mcynthia-leong/

Saving Time, Reducing Stress with ARchitect

Informatica enjoyed a positive history of working with analysts but had a significant amount of manual processes and siloed information about analysts throughout the company. Critical data was in spreadsheets, email, and network file shares with little automation and workflow. As the company grew through acquisitions and organically, the number of analysts and frequency of analyst interactions was rising steadily. Calls for metrics and internal reporting was also sopping up precious time, so a purpose-built tool was needed. ARchitect isn’t just for large analyst relations teams – learn how a small but successful AR program uses ARchitect to save time, save stress, and stay focused.

Peggy O’Neill is Vice President, Industry Analyst Relations at Informatica. She can be reached on LinkedIn at /in/peggyoneill

Maximize the Value of ARchitect with ServicePlus

Arthur is now leveraging ARchitect and ServicePlus to take his “one man show” to the next level with his very own ARchitect experts. This time Arthur has a new challenge, to build a program from the ground up, illustrating the value of AR within his organization and promoting CompuCom’s successes to the Industry Analysts. Along with taking the lead for ARchitect site administration, the ARInsights ServicePlus team curates relevant information on what the analysts are saying and meets with Arthur to deliver the details on what is going on within his new market.

Arthur Bailey is Senior Director of Communications for CompuCom. He may be found on LinkedIn at in/arthurbailey.

Build & Track your ‘21 AR Plan with Projects & Planned Research

Crystal presented on new initiatives as part of the Customer Experience team, including the continuation of the Learning Series in 2021 and a new searchable resource, the Knowledge Base. Crystal also explored how ARchitect can help users to plan with analyst firm research calendars, projects, and the Dashboard.

Crystal is the Vice President of Customer Experience and Operations at ARInsights. She tweets at @crysgolightly and can be found on LinkedIn at in/crystalgolightly.

Message from CEO

Shashank gave the closing remarks for the User Forum where he discussed the upcoming changes to the company including his retirement and our new partnership with Polaris Growth Fund.

Shashank is the CEO at ARInsights. He can be found on LinkedIn at in/shashankkulkarni.