The ARchitect User Form 2015 was a resounding success. The top-notch presentations really impressed us — the ARInsights team — as well as our largest ever crowd of users and prospective customers. We have collected the slides from the presentations and welcome you to download them all.

Read insightful presentations from Oracle, SAP and Telefonica about their experience with ARchitect. Learn about the “Future of Analyst Relations” from Ray Wang, Constellation Research. Delve into what’s new and what’s coming in ARchitect with ARInsights CTO, Lucas Bond, and how to get the most out of Analyst Premium Content with Crystal Golightly.

Downloads of the presentation slides are available with the synopses below.

Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, CEO and Founder of Constellation Research, delivered the keynote presentation at ARchitect User Forum 2015. Ray talked about the “Future of Analyst Relations”. He reviewed the impact social media are having on the analyst landscape and drew conclusions about its implications to how vendors manage analyst relations. Ray is the author of “Disrupting Digital Business” published by Harvard Business Press.

Jocelyn Eisenberg, Director, Analyst Relations at SAP, talked about “Things To Consider When Implementing ARchitect”. Proper implementation of ARchitect can drive significant benefits to organizations adopting ARchitect. It is critical to establish consistent data entry standards across users and across business units. This will make generating briefing books and other management reports a much easier task. Jocelyn leads the effort to institutionalize use of ARchitect in a diverse and decentralized AR program. In her presentation, she drew upon the experience she gained in implementing ARchitect at SAP, while retiring an old, internally developed system.

Mike Seback and Melody Wood, both from Oracle Corporation’s Analyst Relations Team, presented “Oracle OpenWorld: Analyst Agenda Planning using ARchitect”. All Analyst Relations Teams struggle with planning analyst events and programs due to the complexity of matching analyst schedules, executive schedules, customer schedules and meeting room availability. The complexity to properly manage these logistics can be complicated due to the number of people involved and the inevitable schedule changes. For Oracle OpenWorld 2014, the Oracle Analyst Relations Team met this logistics challenge by using the event management features of ARchitect. All analyst itineraries, executive itineraries and location schedules were centrally maintained in ARchitect. Having the schedule centrally managed was critical to minimize errors or misunderstandings, which often happen when agendas are being stored locally on a personal email calendar. Using ARchitect centrally for the analyst schedule and agenda management also enabled the AR Team to update the information until the last minute. This way, the AR Team was able to provide the accurate and latest agendas to analysts as they arrived for the event.

Our two presenters from Oracle Corporation’s Analyst Relations Team, Mike Seback (Director, Analyst Relations) and Melody Wood (Director, Analyst Relations) explained how they collaborated with ARInsights to leverage the ARchitect solution and ultimately improve the OpenWorld AR Team program.


ARchitect can become the central element of every AR team’s daily life, starting from consistent planning and delivery of activities to enhancing internal and external promotion of AR. It helps discovery of new opportunities for the AR team and brings order to the AR way of working, which is often chaotic.

Gemma Lianez, Head of Industry Analyst Office, joined the Knowledge Network Directorate 8 years ago with the strategic objective to create and develop the global Analyst Relations practice across Telefonica. She shared specific examples of their key AR activities powered by ARchitect, including metrics and usage of Premium Content, among others.

Crystal Golightly, Director of Client Development for ARInsights, presented about how to get the most out of your Analyst Premium Content in Using Analyst Premium Content.

Lucas Bond, ARInsights CTO, talked about the transformation that ARchitect has seen over the past year and went over the roadmap for the application in the coming year in What’s New and What’s Coming.