With each new year comes promise and opportunities for improvement. So as we close the books on 2021, we hope 2022 will be happy, healthy and prosperous – for you, your families and loved ones, and your businesses.

As it pertains to analyst relations (AR) in particular, the new year can be a springboard to improve efforts – assessing what worked well (and doubling down), refining strategies and aligning campaigns to updated business goals. 

So what are AR pros’ New Year’s resolutions and priorities in the year ahead? We queried some top AR leaders to get insights into key goals and program drivers in 2022 – areas that may be useful to your AR team as well. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our ARchitect AR productivity software is expected to play a key role in supporting these leaders’ efforts and resolutions! 

Read on to learn about AR leaders’ 2022 goals:

Optimize ROAR (Return on AR)

Alyssa Gilmore, Global Head of Financial Products Communications, Bloomberg LP

“Over the past few years, we’ve consistently included analysts in our strategic corporate communications, adopted new AR program management tools and increased staffing to ensure appropriate coverage of our top-tier analysts. In 2022, we’re updating our best practices to include improved tracking against business outcomes, enhanced reporting and amplifying analyst quotes that promote Bloomberg — as well as improved ROI analysis on our research contracts. Having instant access to comprehensive reports, along with details of all our interactions, gives us the ability to continually improve the AR performance of our global team.”

Building on our AR Success in 2022

Karolina E. Malota, Customer Advocacy & Analyst Relations Coordinator, Amelia, an IPsoft company

“In 2021, our AR team was able to surpass our previous analyst interaction count, gain complete control and confidence over our program, and obtain measurable outcomes and reporting that put us in many number 1 positions. This wouldn’t have been possible without ARchitect’s software – allowing us to track and revisit previous interactions so we remain on the right path, building richer relationships with analysts. In 2022, we hope to continue this climb to success with meaningful briefings and inquiries, even more diligent interaction planning and, of course, number 1 placements.”

Increase our Operational Excellence

Christopher Manfredi, Operations & Strategy—Analyst Relations, Cognizant

“We are building targeted segments of analysts, and tracking our interactions and coverage to help us better coordinate outreach, and identify opportunities and areas for improvement. Using ARchitect to build data-driven dashboards allows us to dive deep into AR operations, so we can properly staff our team and align our AR goals with Cognizant’s broader business ones.”

Increase B2B Awareness Through Analyst Relations

Michele Favaro, Senior Director of Analyst Relations, Malwarebytes

“We plan to work with analysts to help increase our brand awareness and visibility in B2B markets, through a strategic and coordinated effort. ARchitect helps us keep track of all AR activities so that we can easily execute on our plans.”

Help Clients Better Demonstrate the Value of AR

Andy Zimmerman, CEO, ARInsights

In 2022, I plan to continue guiding the ARInsights business forward in line with our core values: customer focus, collaboration, integrity, product excellence, and friendly & fun. Product-wise, among a number of exciting initiatives we’re working on this year, we have resolved to make it easier for our customers to show the value of AR to the rest of the business. And we will be providing more strategic support to our clients to help deliver that value.