October 9, 2020 — With digital communications hitting an all-time high, keeping your analysts’ attention can be challenging. Building professional emails with new features is a great way to make your communications pop. Follow along with the Learning Series episode below as we demonstrate how to use new email enhancements in ARchitect: 

Earlier this year, we hosted a Learning Series episode covering how to create your first email in ARchitect. Because digital communications has continued to dominate this year, we set out on getting additional enhancements in the Email Builder for you to create awesome, creative emails for your analysts and even for internal use! 

1. New Email Templates

To make your life easier when starting out to create an event invite or a newsletter, our team created multiple new email templates for your use. When in the email builder, select the load template button in the Content section and select from 5 new template choices. They are titled to reflect their uses.

2. Free Stock Image Gallery

Text heavy emails can be dense for your analysts to get through. Breaking up your texts with images can greatly benefit analyst engagement. We have now enabled a new way to include free stock images into your emails with a stock image gallery within the Email Builder. To use this feature, insert a photo into your email with an image content block and select the change image button. Once you are in your file manager, you will see a new grey button at the top titled Search free photos. Here you will see a search box where you can search free stock photos and import them into the Email Builder.

3. Image Editor

Now that there are great picture options available to you through the Free Stock Image Gallery, we also introduced another image feature with the image editor tool. You can use the image editor tool by hitting the apply effects & more button in the content properties. The Image Editor has many tools that allow you to edit, crop, and add text to your images. Be sure to hit apply and save on your image once you have completed editing.


4. Row Background Images

Another great image-centered feature shared at the webinar was using background images in the emailer instead of standard white. This can be an excellent way to provide some brightness and contrast to your emails. You are also able to stack any content block on top of the image including text, buttons, and videos. To start using row background photos, swipe on the switch in the row properties, select your image, and check the boxes at the bottom to have the image expand, repeat, or center.