December 13, 2023 — As they balance vendor evaluations, analyst (and internal) requests, metrics reporting, a slew of impending deadlines, and much, much more, analyst relations (AR) professionals are true superheroes! They bring great value both to their companies and to the analysts they work with. 

So, we’re always thrilled when this time of year rolls around — and there’s an opportunity to celebrate them in the Institute of Influencer and Analyst Relations (IIAR>) Awards, a program we support and promote.

This year, in the community-voting-driven program, 400+ analysts — from 61 firms and across 29 countries — evaluated AR pros on what the IIAR> defines as the three integral Rs of analyst relations: responsiveness, relationships and results. Congratulations to the outstanding and well-deserving winners in the 2023 awards, all of whom embody these characteristics and in doing so, are actively advancing the AR profession.

As in previous years, many of this year’s winners are ARchitect users and ARInsights partners. We wanted to extend a special shout-out to these exceptional individuals, teams, programs and companies. Congrats to these customers and partners recognized in:

AR Professional of the Year: Americas

AR Professional of the Year: APAC

AR Professional of the Year: EMEA

AR Team of the Year

AR Agency of the Year: EMEA

We’d also like to congratulate IDC, named Analyst Firm of the Year for the fourth (!) consecutive year — wow! This distinction is based on votes from AR pros, who evaluated firms based on quality of analysts, coverage depth, coverage quality, website and/or app, value for the money and client experience. At ARInsights, we always enjoy working with IDC and its president Crawford Del Prete and commend them on their win.

Congrats again to these exceptional and high-impact AR teams and individuals, and influential analysts. We wish you continued success in 2024!