Analyst Event Manager


Schedule individual analyst meetings with different
executives and avoid any conflicts

Managing analyst and executive itineraries during a large company event or a dedicated “analyst day” is a complex task. The ARchitect Event Manager solution, which can be customized to meet different vendor practices, enables AR professionals to plan and schedule individual analyst meetings with different executives, and avoid time and room conflicts. The solution makes coordination of meeting rooms, analyst schedules and executive itineraries simple — with an easy-to-use calendar view that indicates available time slots. Printable reports also enable you to monitor and manage the event easily, and view schedules for rooms, individuals and more.

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Available Reporting for Events

Once the data is correctly entered in ARchitect, users can generate following reports just before the event.

  1. Analyst Itinerary: For every analyst invited, this itinerary will show the meeting start time, end time, interaction type, interaction summary, vendor participants (if applicable), location and session ID broken out by date.
  2. Room Scheduling: For every room available for analyst meetings, this schedule will show meeting start times and end times, interaction summary, invited attendees (analysts), analyst firm and vendor participants.
  3. Executive Itinerary: For every executive who is going to interact with analysts, this itinerary will show each meeting start time, end time, along with all other details of the meetings.
  4. Briefing Books: You can generate a briefing book for each executive that will provide them with relevant background on each analyst they are going to meet with.