August 11, 2021 — Staying on top of analyst coverage is an important activity for AR professionals. By knowing what analysts are saying about your business, your competitors, the market and market trends, you can:

  • Flag key coverage, as it hits;
  • Share relevant information and intelligence internally;
  • Adjust your outreach strategy, as needed;
  • Discover new, relevant analysts to contact;
  • Refine messaging;
  • Point your sales team to relevant articles and assets; and more.

Receive Coverage Notifications Straight to Your Inbox

We’re making it even easier to track important analyst mentions and coverage. Building on a recent enhancement — supporting email notifications of analyst coverage of your company — we’ve now expanded those notification capabilities, so you can get alerted to any coverage of your choosing, including on key topics and competitors. Let’s take a look at how this functionality works.

What are Email Notifications? 

Notifications are an easy way to have key updates automatically sent to your inbox. These notifications include recent updates on analysts, projects, interactions and now, coverages! You have the option to choose what kind of mentions you want to track (analyst research report, analyst blog article, etc.) and the frequency you will receive the email alerts (once per hour, once per day or once per week). 

Set Up Notifications Easily from Your Homepage

You can view recent coverage updates on your dashboard, as well as manage your notification settings, by first clicking “Notifications” in the top row. Then click the “Manage Notifications” button on the right hand side. 

Once you get to the Notification Settings page, you can now add coverage topics to follow and select which sources you want to track. To do so, click the “Coverages” tab and type in a coverage topic in the “+Add Coverage” text area. 

It’s as easy as that!

If you have any questions about this enhancement, and how to strategically track and be alerted to key coverages – like mentions of your company, your competitors and topics relevant to your business – don’t hesitate to reach out to us at