Tracking Analyst Opinions | HUAWEI

Background: Huawei held its global analyst summit in Shenzhen, China in April 2014.  The event was attended by over 400 analysts, press and world-class companies such as BT, Intel and Volvo.

Challenges:  AR was tasked with tracking analyst feedback and reporting back to management in a timely manner.  As soon as the event started, the AR team realized that there were some very big unknowns that would bring about a few challenges! Would analysts be able to Tweet from China? Would there be anything to track? Fortunately, most analysts went out of their way to find connectivity and found ways to share their opinions and commentary. The Huawei AR team then realized that the analysts were tweeting with inconsistent hashtags varying from – #GAS2014, #HuaweiGAS, #GAS, #Huawei.  Analysts also referenced the Huawei’s summit via blogs, media quotes and in research, not only post-event, but in real-time as the event was taking place.  Keeping track of what analysts were saying via social media and media outlets was even more important because most of the AR team were not onsite, so this was their only and most immediate real-time view into the event’s success.

Reporting and Results:  Huawei used the Analyst Premium Content database to capture and save all this information and generated multiple timely reports to management.

We were very pleased to see mostly complimentary headlines from many of our most influential analysts.  We would have missed all this valuable feedback if we did not track these analysts across multiple media channels.  Below are some examples:


ARchitect Premium Content Database provided a one stop shop to track all analyst outlets.  It allowed Huawei to engage with a greater number of analysts, increasing AR’s voice and reach and got real time visibility into analyst feedback via tweets.


Traditionally, it has been hard to track analyst opinions and sentiment because there are too many analysts working for too many different firms and some research they produce isn’t even available due to firm contract restrictions.  Given those facts, many AR pros have used analyst surveys and inquiries to gauge the temperature of analysts.  But conducting surveys and inquiries is a very expensive option.  Now with the broad use of social media, analysts are expressing their opinions through different outlets.  With the aggregated premium content in ARchitect, it is very easy to monitor and listen to what your analysts are saying.  Once you understand the mindset of an analyst through his/her comments, it is much easier to manage your relationship with him/her to positively influence them and educate them on your company.