ARchitect Notifications for Slack

ARchitect Notifications for Slack

ARchitect Notifications for Slack connects ARchitect directly to Slack to keep your team on the same page and drive action. 

You can use the integration to:

  • Get notifications about analyst and influencer updates, including: Who’s changed firms? Who’s now covering what?
  • Get updates on changes tracked in ARchitect, such as to influencer interactions, projects underway and more
  • Get alerted to important coverage by analysts and other influencers (e.g., about your company, competitors and industry) in their research, quotes in the media, blogs, tweets and LinkedIn (for Premium Content customers)
  • Connect notifications to any Slack channel 

Follow these steps to configure the Slack connector:

  1. In ARchitect, click the Notifications bell in the top right of any page
  2. Click “Manage Notifications” on the right side
  3. Select the “Settings” tab and click “Get Notified Via Slack” in the Slack Settings area
  4. Log into your Slack account and choose the channel to receive notifications

Pro tip: set up and use a dedicated ARchitect Notifications channel in Slack

To learn more, check out our blog post which also contains a brief video tutorial.